Mobley & Grant Auctioneers


Family Tradition Since 1919

Mobley and Grant Auctioneers is an auction company located in Mt. Carmel, IL that serves Southeastern Illinois, and Southwestern Indiana. We specialize in family estate sales, residential real estate, farmland, farming implement, antiques, and appraisals. The company is owned and operated by Bryan Grant and Marla Grant. Bryan has taken over sole duties as Principle Auctioneer since the passing of his father, Stu Grant, in September of 2017. The goal of our company is to serve our clients in the Illinois and Indiana areas with the utmost knowledge and care of their property. Please call us for any auction or appraisal needs in the future and may God Bless!


Company History

Col. M.M. Mobley, of Mt. Carmel, IL began his career as an auctioneer in 1919, creating Mobley Auction Service. Colonel was a well-known pillar of the community, as he was also Wabash County’s Sheriff for many years as well. He continued as an auctioneer until the late 1980’s, earning the title of “Oldest Working Auctioneer in the State.” He ran the business for over 65 years. Col. Mobley passed away in 1995. During that span, Stewart Grant, Mobley’s grandson, had decided over many childhood visits to family auctions, that he too, would become an auctioneer. In 1975, Mobley and Grant Auction and Appraisal Co. was formed between the two. They worked side by side, along with help of Don Blythe of Mt. Carmel, IL for ten plus years, conducting onsite auctions in the area. After Col. Mobley had passed, it was Stu’s torch to carry on. He worked as an auctioneer for 40 plus years, until a 7-year battle with cancer took his life. Stu worked auctions all the way up to 2 weeks prior to his death. He was a true hero to his wife Marla, his 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and the community of Mt. Carmel. Along with auctions, Stu was a part of many fundraising events in the community, including 4-H, FFA, City Lights, Wabash Co. Sportsman, and many more. He gave his time freely to organizations looking to raise funds for good causes. Stu is sadly missed by many.

While running the business, Stu’s son, Bryan Grant, also began his journey as an auctioneer in the 2006. He attended Reppert’s School of Auctioneering in 2006, and began helping in the family business, until becoming full time in 2014. Bryan and his father also conducted many auctions and fundraisers together over the years, and he continues with the business today. In 2015, Mobley and Grant Auctioneers was formed between Stu and Bryan. Bryan is very proud to have been taught the business by his father, and his vision is to lead the company with character, integrity, and honesty.