George "Mike" Schroeder Gun Auction

724 Poplar St., Mt. Carmel, IL (Mount Carmel Eagles Banquet Hall)

Saturday February 2, 2019 9:30 am



85+ GUNS – 2,000+ KNIVES – AMMO – 11 GUN SAFES

SELLER: George “Mike” Schroeder Estate
Auction Location: 724 Poplar St., Mt. Carmel, IL (Eagles Banquet Hall)
Auction Date: Saturday, February 2nd, Starting at 9:30 AM

GUNS: 40 long guns, 47 hand guns including Ruger, S&W, Marlin, Mossberg, Rossi, KelTec, Winchester, Remington, Chiappa, Henry, Russian SKS, Taurus, Derringer’s, Browning, Glock, High Standard, Colt, Walther, Magnum Research, and more!! KNIVES: Over 2,000 knives, hatchets, samurai swords, survival knives, CASE XX, Schrade, Colt, commemorative sets, and more!!  RARE CASE XX William Penn Tricentennial Sterling Silver Handle/Stainless blade K1051 LSSP Shaw-Leibowitz knife – 039/300 AMMO: Multiple calibers, mainly consisting of rifle and handgun ammunition….over 7,500 rounds!! SAFES: 9 Stack-On wall-hang style metal gun safes, (2) 12-gun fireproof safes. The auction also will include holsters, additional mags for mainly handguns, and AR style rifles, and much much more! Too much to list. SEE PHOTOS ONLINE!!!
Auctioneer’s Note: Mr. Schroeder took great pride in maintaining his weapons! You won’t find a cleaner collection of firearms, safes, and knives! Don’t miss out!

Personal Property: Cash, check w/ I.D., VISA, MasterCard, Am. Exp. Credit cards accepted.  For purchases over $1,000 on card, a 3% convenience fee will be added.  No Buyer Premium. What you bid, is what you pay.

GUN PURCHASE RULES: IL Residents must possess a valid FOID card or FFL to purchase. A 72-hour waiting period will begin at the time of purchase for all IL resident buyers (FFL Dealer can possess immediately). Out of state handgun purchasers will have the weapon shipped to an FFL dealer of choice in their state of residence, once the 72-hour waiting period has elapsed. Out of state residents that border IL, may take weapon from FFL’s business, once background check has approval. Any other out of state purchasers not bordering IL, will follow rules of their state, and may have gun shipped to their FFL dealer of choice. A $15 dollar per gun transfer fee will be charged at the FFL’s place of business once transfer paperwork is completed. All federal and state laws apply.

FFL Dealer for Auction: Trader Ed’s (Ed Jamison), 612 W 3rd St., Mt. Carmel, IL 62863

Concessions and Restrooms onsite


AUCTION GUN CATALOG (to be sold in this order)

1. Ruger Mini 14 .223
2. EIG Italian .22LR/short, 4-shot
3. Raven Arms Model P-25, .25 Auto
4. Winchester Model 94, 32-40 John Wayne Commemorative
5. Mossberg 500 20ga., Pistol Grip, 3”
6. Smith and Wesson Model 39-2, 9mm
7. Browning BuckMark, .22LR
8. Mossberg 183D-A, .410ga
9. Victor Single-Shot, 12ga.
10. Ruger GP100, .22LR Stainless, 10-shot
11. Taurus SA .45 Colt, LC, 6-shot
12. E.R. Amantino StageCoach, 20ga. DoubleBarrel, 3”
13. WesternField 550AR, 12ga.
14. Intercontinental Arms Dakota, .357mag
15. Taurus PT92AFS, 9mm, Stainless
16. Taurus PT92AFS, 9mm, Stainless
17. Mossberg 590, 12ga.
18. Rossi .410, 3”, Stainless
19. NAA .22mag (VT12577)
20. NAA .22mag (PG31840)
21. NAA .22mag, Target (R45568)
22. NAA .22mag, Swingout cyl (SW12921)
23. Marlin .22, Stainless
24. Ruger 22 Charger, .22LR
25. NAA Guardian, .380
26. KelTec PMR30, .22mag, 30-shot
27. Anderson AM15 Multi-cal
28. Rock River Arms LAR-15, 5.56cal
29. Ruger LCP, .380 custom ACP
30. Taurus Raging Bull, .44mag, 2 ¼” barrel, Stainless
31. KelTec G17/22 Sub 2000, 9mm
32. KelTec Sub2000, .40cal
33. Smith and Wesson Regulation Police, 38special
34. Browning 1911-22, .22LR, 3mags
35. Rossi Model S411220, .410
36. Stoeger StageCoach, .410, double barrel, 3”
37. Smith and Wesson 22S, .22LR Stainless
38. Glock 27, .40cal S&W
39. Marlin 45/70 Gov’t, Model 1895SBL
40. Remington Model 788, 22-250
41. Ruger SR22P, .22LR
42. Smith and Wesson 500, 500SW cal.
43. Chiappa Little Badger .22LR, single-shot (14B60244)
44. Chiappa Little Badger, .22mag (14N25549)
45. Rossi Rio Grande, .410, Stainless
46. CharterArms Pathfinder, 22LR, Stainless
47. AMT Automag2, .22mag
48. Marlin Golden 39-A, .22LR, JM Marked
49. Stevens Favorite Model 1915, 22LR
50. HighStandard Sportking Lightweight, .22LR, Stainless
51. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite, .22LR
52. Ruger 10/22LR
53. Ruger Model 10/22 Tactical, 22LR
54. Ruger LC9sPRO, 9mm
55. Glock 42, .380acp
56. Rossi Model R92RH, .45 Colt
57. Ruger Int’l Model 10/22 Carbine, .22LR
58. Ruger Single Six, .22mag w/ box (pre-transfer bar)
59. KelTec PMR30, .22mag, WOT15, 30-shot
60. Remington Fieldmaster Model 121, .22short
61. Russian SKS 7.62×39, Reimported by CDL Swan VT
62. ISSC M22, .22LR, Ported/Compensated
63. Ruger Mark IV SS Hunter, .22LR, 2 mags
64. KelTec CMR-30, .22LR/short
65. Marlin 336, 30-30 Microgroove
66. Bond Arms Century 2000, .45/.410 Colt, extra 9mm barrel, Stainless
67. Colt Mustang Pocket-Lite, .380, Stainless
68. Henry Evil Roy, .22LR/short, LA
69. IWI Tavor, .223
70. Walther Model PPK-S, .380ACP
71. Taurus Tracker, .22LR/Mag, 9-shot, Stainless
72. Chiappa Model 1892 .357 Takedown
73. Mossberg 590 Persuader, 12ga, MarineCote Finish
74. *Magnum Research Desert Eagle, .50AE (* Reserve Held)
75. Taurus M608, 357magnum
76. Henry Model H011C, .45 Colt
77. US Carbine 30cal, Reimported BlueSky/Underwood Barrel
78. Smith and Wesson 66-2, .357magnum, 2”
79. Ruger Super Blackhawk 7 ½”, .44mag, with box, (Pre-Transfer Bar)
80. International Arms Model 92-SRC, .45Colt (Rossi)
81. Browning Belgium 16ga. (X49217), 1953
82. Marlin Model 1894, .44mag
83. Ruger SR40, .40cal, Stainless Slide, 2mags
84. Glock 26, 9mm, 2 mags
85. Ruger SP101, .22LR, 8-shot, 4 ½”, Stainless
86. German RG, .17cal/38spec
87. Modial (EIG) Model 1900, .22cal

88. Derringer Style Defender – No Serial #, Not Working, Can take for parts
89. Davis Industries Model D-22
90. Derringer Model 10, .22LR, Nickel Plated